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Quail Hunting


Located in near Douglas in south Georgia quail country, BranHill Plantation gives all our guests with an authentic experience that does justice to the history and tradition. We manage acres of longleaf pine forest with wire grass under story… the original quail habitat as it was more than 200 years ago. These forests are some of the finest habitat in all of south Georgia and they are native home to hard-flying wild quail that have to be hunted and are not merely shot.

When groups of friends and guests go out for the day in search of quail, there is a lot of ground to cover – the need for fresh dogs, lunch in the field, and refreshments. There is something nostalgic  moving slowly through the stands of long leaf pine, the hunt-master in the lead watching for the point, accompanied by the hunting dogs.

The quail hunting at BranHill Plantation is a true wild bird experience. Sometimes the quail are out moving and easy to find, other times they are shy and aloof. But, they are there… and when they flush with lightning speed, it brings an excitement and challenge that reminds you of why you love this wing shooting sport!  Each year we go to great lengths to make sure we have suitable quail cover and to also provide food for carry over birds. You will be hunting in typical wire grass type cover.

For quail hunters, the pursuit of the little quail makes up every aspect of the lifestyle of those who pursue it. We preserves that lifestyle with no compromise. Short of owning your own plantation or being invited to a private plantation, there are few places where quail hunters can experience the lifestyle that has excited wingshooters for two centuries. With its hospitality and exciting hunt, BranHill Plantation is south Georgia’s finest quail hunting destination. Get outdoors, go hunting and build family or business relationships. We have granddads who come to BranHill Plantation with their grandchildren and children. We have business people who bring their clients and customers, enjoy the hunt, great food and just being outdoors. There’s just something about an early morning sunrise in the outdoors at BranHill Plantation.


Continental Pheasant Hunt

Continental Pheasant Hunt consists of either a morning or afternoon hunt.

100 Pheasants are released from a tower and there is no bird limit.

Prior to the hunt he will give a mandatory safety and hunter etiquette talk. At 8:00 am, it’s off to the field for some pheasant hunting action. Guides carry well trained dogs on the vehicle, having two on the ground at one time. 100 Pheasants are released and there is no bird limit. Your guide will switch out dogs, putting fresh ones down. That’s also a time to replenish your shell supply and grab a refreshing drink. You will return to the lodge at about 12:15 or so for lunch. Afternoon hunts usually start at 2:00 pm and generally follow the same program as a morning hunt, finishing about 5:30 pm. When you return from an afternoon hunt there will be food to be enjoyed and plenty of sweet tea.


Southern Hospitality

BranHill Plantation offers great meals to enjoy after hunting. Relax and enjoy delicious home style cooking during your stay.