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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Is there a deposit required to make a reservation?


What clothing should I wear at BranHill Plantation?

Weather varies during hunting season. Early in the season you may be comfortable in light trousers cotton shirt and hunting vest. From mid-December through March temperatures usually dip to 50 or less at night and reach the 60s to 70s during the day. However 3-4 times a year the temperature can get down in the 30s with highs in 50s to 60s. this usually lasts 2 to 3 days. Layered clothing works best especially during January and February.

What do I do with my birds after each hunt?

Your birds are dressed, and packed in a custom cooler for you to take home after the hunt.

What if I am an inexperienced hunter, or haven’t hunted in a number of years?

We can give you professional advice as well as answer any questions about hunting techniques, and tips.